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Since 2014, clients have trusted us with their translation and language consulting needs. As a boutique agency, we are creative and flexible, we customize our services, and we are responsive and reliable.


We comply with all applicable state, federal, and international regulations as we strive to help individuals and organizations communicate across languages and cultures.


Elizabeth Rondón

Spanish Translator and Consultant

Elizabeth Rondon.jpg

I have been providing language services since 2007 as an interpreter, translator, language access coordinator, interpreter trainer, voice-over talent, and consultant. I specialize in English-Spanish translation for life sciences and healthcare. I earned a BA in English from Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo and an MS in Translation from New York University. I pursue continuing education to learn about technology and to benefit from ongoing professional development.

I am a fierce language access advocate and I started Linguistics Lab in 2014 with a mission to contribute to language access. I realized that professional language services can make businesses more successful and leisure or educational content more accessible, but when it comes to healthcare, legal, and official matters, individuals who communicate differently are at great disadvantage or risk. This also affects providers and workers who are determined to deliver excellent services despite complex, often unexpected language barriers. My goal is to help both sides.


I admire my clients for recognizing the value of professional language services and I feel great satisfaction knowing that my work empowers individuals to make informed choices for themselves and their families. 


This work also allows me to collaborate with talented translators and language specialists. I believe that together we learn, expand our expertise, and produce outstanding work.


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